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Welding Rod Production Line „W35“

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for automatic production of plastic welding rod in 3, 4 and 5mm.

Welding Rod Production Line “W35”

for the automatic production of plastic welding rod out of PE or PP
in round or triangular shape in diameters 3, 4 and 5mm.


  • extruder
  • 4 heating zones
  • hopper for 25kg material with fill-level-control
  • extrusion die-head
  • integrated electric cabinet
  • air- and water-cooling devices
  • haul-off unit and double-winder
  • quick-clamp system
  • dancer-system to stabilize and optimize tension
  • adjustable lateral-off-set

consisting of:

  • Mobile Extrusion unit W35
  • 2 cooling basins
  • 1 air cooling section for first cooling basin
  • Mobile haul of unit and coiler

technical data:

Extruder Output:           10kg/h (reference PEHD)
Welding Rod Output:    6kg/h (PEHD-Welding Rod,  4mm)
Electric:                          CEE 16A, 400V
Size:                               approx. 1.5m x 5 m
Operator:                       approx. 10% of machine hours (average)



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