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Welding Extruder KR 18 DIGITAL

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Max. Output: 1,8kg/hr for Ø 4mm,
1,1kg/hr for Ø 3mm

Material: PE / PP / PVDF

Welding Rod: Ø 3 / 4mm

Perfect for small reparations and corrections inside the pipe.

Welding Extruder KR 18 DIGITAL

adjustable extruder output with air-heating-system and heating elements,
intelligent temperature controller for air and cylinder with prestored data for PE and PP.

Small, powerful, variable. With this digitally controlled extruder, you can weld up to 15 or even 20 mm sheet thickness. With the 360° rotatable welding shoe, you can get into almost any corner.

Other versions are the welding extruder KR 32 Digital and the welding extruder KR 58 Digital.

Technical data:

  • Max. Output: 1,8kg/hr for welding rod Ø 4mm,
    1,1kg/hr for welding rod Ø 3mm
  • Material: PE / PP / PVDF
  • Length: 455mm
  • Heater band: 400W
  • Hot Air Blower: 2300W
  • Weight: 5,5kg

including accessories:

  • welding shoe for hollow weld A=7mm
  • welding shoe for V-seam weld 10mm
  • welding shoe billet unmachined 40mm long


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Weight 5,5 kg

Krah, Germany

Input Voltage

230 Volt


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